Triathlon works with many computer rental companies and end-users on a variety of short-term technology requirements. Whether you're supporting a trade show, training program, sporting event or need "proof of concept" hardware, Triathlon can assist.

As a distributor of secondary market technology products, Triathlon is well-positioned to provide attractive short-term rental rates on its large inventory or laptops, tablets, displays, projectors, desktop computers and accessories. As a business partner of IBM and Lenovo, Triathlon can also provide short-term rentals of server and storage equipment.

Whether your requirement is one week or one quarter, Triathlon can provide competitive pricing for a wide range of short-term technology rentals.

By leveraging our extensive inventory of n-1, new end-of-life or refurbished products, we can avoid the steepest part of the depreciation curve, saving you unnecessary expense.

We're presently serving clients in the USA, Canada and Western Europe.


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