Our inventory ranges from new, end-of-life, discontinued, refurbished and off-lease. Partnering with leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, IBM, Dell and HP, along with reputable distributors and leasing companies, we ensure quality wholesale products at competitive prices.


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' PERFORMANCE AND increase the longevity of existing infrastructure.

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Jeff mcfarlane

Years of experience: 27
Position: President & CEO

Jeff McFarlane has been active in the primary and secondary markets of the IT industry since the days of the original IBM PC – from many different perspectives, including resale, re-marketing, rental and leasing.

During this time McFarlane has founded 3 different companies, with a presence in 11 countries around the world. McFarlane has been very active in the M&A space having completed 8 different acquisitions in 5 countries.

Most recently, McFarlane has established Triathlon Capital Corp and a number of operating affiliates in the US, Canada and the UK.